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As we break our fast for the third day of Ramadan, I would like to explain what Ramadan is and why it is so important to Muslims Around the world. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar, it is the most holy month for all Muslims, it is also when the first revelations of the Quran was brought down by Angel Gabriel to our prophet Mohamed (PBUH). We fast during this month for a full 30 days straight, and yes that means not even water! Our fast starts at dusk, so when you see the white line in the sky, you know that the fast has begun, and we don't break our fast until sundown. You may think, "wow that must be very hard" but, many of us have been practicing this for years, and it is the holiday we all eagerly wait for. During this month the gates of mercy are wide open, and all evil is locked away. For me and my family this month is very dear to us, on the 18th day of Ramadan we celebrate my Grandmothers Death anniversary, the woman who started it all. She showed my father what it means to be compassionate, giving, and she instilled the idea's of sustainability and food security, because of her teachings I learned those same ideas of being compassionate and giving. I tell this story every year, well every year before corona, at our annual Iftar block party, about how during the floods in Bangladesh, she gathered the people of the village and fed everyone she could. My mother has also told me a story about my grandmother and how even in her last day she needed to know that we would continue to help our community. Many of her practices, we are still practicing today, it's something we remember everyday, but especially during the month of Ramadan. With all that being said, I want to wish everyone who is practicing, RAMADAN MUBARAK! may you have a blessed month!

- Hafsa Islam

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